¿Lo que sea por likes? Se accidenta y aprovecha el momento para promocionar una marca de agua (FOTOS)

La joven se accidentó hace dos semanas cuando iba en su motocicleta.

Tiffany Mitchell, una influencer de estilo de vida en Nashville, Estados Unidos, fue duramente criticada por utilizar un accidente que tuvo para hacer una sesión de fotos y promocionar una marca de agua.

La joven, quien tiene alrededor de 212 mil seguidores en Instagram, se accidentó mientras manejaba su motocicleta, por lo que quedó aturdida y con algunos rasguños, hace dos semanas.

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I’ve been figuring out how to respond to everything that’s unfolded recently regarding the post I shared 3 weeks ago about my moto accident. I won’t get into that post here (see my Moto Accident story highlight for all the details), but I want to talk about the reactions I’ve been getting to the article @buzzfeednews posted sensationalizing what I went through that day, and making a mockery of the post I shared. As a result, I’ve been accused of staging the accident to get attention, using it as a product placement opportunity with a water company, and other things I can’t even wrap my head around. I’ve been sharing real life stories here since I started my account. I’ve opened up about miscarriage, divorce, anxiety, losing my partner in a moto accident 3 years ago, and navigating the grief that followed. I’ve chosen to use Instagram as a tool for healing and connecting with other humans who may be going through similar things so we can do it together. And it’s been beautiful. When I work with brands, they’re ones I personally enjoy, and I disclose every single sponsorship. Accusing someone of faking or exploiting an accident is extremely serious—because what if you’re wrong? It really happened to me, and I was scared. I really was injured and had to recover. I was in shock laying on the side of the road, having flashbacks to when I lost someone very important to me. Friends were by my side, strangers called an ambulance, waited while I was checked out and then gave me a ride home. When I found out my professional photographer friend who I’d been shooting with earlier took photos of everything, I was completely moved. I shared this on my feed with humans who have been on a journey with me for years because I knew they would understand what it meant to me and I understood what it would mean to them. I’m sad that something so true and personal has been treated this way, and disappointed in BuzzFeed for spinning it there. I would just ask that if you’re here because of this, consider that the post I made was something real that happened in my life that resonated deeply with me and those who have chosen to follow me. That’s what it was intended for. ??

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El momento fue aprovechado por la influencer y su amiga fotógrafa, quien conducía a su a lado, le hizo una sesión improvisada, durante y después del accidente.

Las fotografías, que subió a su cuenta oficial de Instagram, muestran a Mitchell visiblemente herida con una botella de SmartWater; situación que le provocó diversas críticas, por hacer publicidad con un accidente.

Estaba acostada allí procesando todo y no sabía que Lindsay estaba tomando fotos. Ni siquiera estaba pensando en eso y el agua podría haber sido de cualquier marca.

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Hey Nashville! I sure do love you!! ??? . If you’ve been here or live here, tell me what your favorite thing about this place is. If you’re not here, and find it possible to visit someday, DO. I can’t explain the magic, you just have to see for yourself! But if I had to try, it’s the community, and I believe the community is what it is because of the music. There’s something about it. So much music is made here, and music is this extraordinary language that the whole world understands with or without lyrics. The vulnerability it takes to speak this language is deeply honest, and profoundly connecting. Gather music makers in one place, and the potential for true community explodes. This city is lit up with it and hasn’t dimmed for a moment in the 5 years I’ve lived here. Actually in L O V E.

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Ante las críticas, la joven finalmente borró la publicación y aseguró, en sus historias de Instagram, que no sabía que su amiga le estaba tomando fotografías.

Cuando mi bicicleta se cayó, mis amigos estuvieron inmediatamente a mi lado para asegurarse de que estaba bien.

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Tiffany también confesó que su accidente fue un momento muy emotivo en su vida, ya que hace tres años perdió a un amigo en la misma situación.

Con información de Independent y Buzzfeed News

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